Komatsu SK714 - 5




Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) joystick levers. The left hand joystick controls the travel, the right hand joystick controls the loader equipment. The PPC foot pedal controls the auxiliary hydraulic circuit for attachments. A safety system neutralizes all operations when the operator restraint bar is raised or the operator is not seated. Control pattern change valve is optional equipment. The optional control pattern splits the ground drive and loader controls between both joystick levers. 

Electric System 
Rated voltage 12 V 
Battery 80 Ah 
Alternator 40 A 

Noise Level 
(Dynamic test) 
Sound power level test 101 LwA dB(A) 
Sound pressure level 86 LpA dB(A) 
The values inside and outside the cab are given according to the directive EC89/514 and EC95/27. 

Service/Refill Capacities 
Hydraulic system 10.0 US gal. 38.0 ltr. 
Fuel tank 14.0 US gal. 53.0 ltr. 
Chain cases 8.0 US gal. 31.0 ltr. 
Engine oil 2.0 US gal. 8.0 ltr. 
Engine coolant 2.0 US gal. 8 ltr. 

Operating Weight 
Operating weight of machine with standard bucket, full tank of fuel and an 176 lb / 80 kg operator (ISO 6016) 5,565 lb 2530 kg 

Bucket Base Machine
with 61'' Long Lip Bucket Base Machine with 265 lb Counterweights & 61''Long Lip Bucket Base Machine with 265 lb. Counterweights & 48'' Pallet Forks.
Bucket capacity
SAE rated .49 yd³ 
.38 m³ .48 yd³ 
.35 m³ N/A 
Bucket width 61'' 
1550 mm 61''
1550 mm N/A 
Bucket weight
(48'' Pallet fork weight) 350 lb
159 kg 350 lb
159 kg 378 lb
172 kg 
Static tipping load 2,860 lb
1300 kg 3,080 lb
1714 kg 2,715 lb
1234 kg 
Operating capacity - 50% of tipping load 1,350 lb
614 kg 1,550 lb
705 kg 975 lb
537 kg 
Dump clearance, maximum height and 45° dump angle 80.7''
2050 mm 84.3''
2140 mm N/A 
Height to bucket hinge pin 112.2''
2850 mm 112.2''




Engine-EPA Certified 
Model Komatsu 4D88E-1FD 
Type Diesel engine, 4 in line cylinders 
Bore x stroke 3.47 in x 3.54 in 88 mm x 90 mm 
Number of cylinders 4 
Combustion Direct injection 
Aspiration Natural 
Rated power: 
(SAE J1349) @ 2800 rpm 47 HP 34.7 kw 
(80/1269/EC) @ 2800 rpm 46 HP 34.0 kw 
Max. torque @ 1800 rpm 105 ft. lb. 142 Nm 
Cooling system Water 
Air filter Dry type with safety element 
Starting system Electric motor with pre-heating air system for cold weather -16° C (3° F) 

Type Hydrostatic 
Pumps 2 x variable displacement with 2 stage 
Motors 2 x axial piston with two speeds 
Final transmission Final transmission with heavy duty type roller chains immersed in oil bath connected to the four driving axles.

Working 6.5 mph 10.5 km/h 
Travel 10.0 mph 16 km/h 
Sealed wet Disc paking brakes with automatic engagement when operator restraint bar is raised 

Hydraulic System 
Type Komatsu CLSS (Closed Load Sensing System) 
Pump Gear 
Max. flow - auxiliary hydraulic 16.1 gal/min 62.0 ltr./min 
Max. pressure - auxiliary hydraulic 2,770 psi 191 bar 
Control valve 3 elements fully Servo-controlled 

Performance without rear counterweights 
Operating load (ISO 5998) 1,350 lb. 614 kg 
Tipping load (ISO 8313) 2,860 lb. 1300 kg 

Max. hydraulic lift capacity (ISO 8313) 4,070 lb. 1850 kg 

Easy to use Travel and Loader PPC Joysticks - Low effort Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) joysticks operate travel and loader operations. Easy to use PPC controls help operators of all skill levels work precisely and efficiently all day long – with minimum effort and reduced operator fatigue. 
Maximum Performance and Precise Control with HydrauMindTM - Komatsu’s smooth and precise HydrauMindTM system lets the operator feel the performance of the machine. The Closed Load Sensing System (CLSS) hydraulics are designed for both single and simultaneous movements which achieves unsurpassed controllability in the positioning of the bucket. 

Outstanding Visibility Work with confidence and increased productivity. The standard top and rear shatter resistant windows, large side screen area as well as a superior view of the bucket, cutting edge and corners give the operator an excellent 360° of job site visibility. 
Intelligent Operator Controls Komatsu has enhanced operator productivity and efficiency with their technologically advanced operator restraint bar. The operator restraint bar, incorporates a LCD gauge panel and warning light system, which is easily engaged and acts as a forearm rest. In addition, a Loader Arm Float Function control can be engaged on the joystick for enhanced back dragging or attachment applications. 
Two-Speed Travel - This Komatsu exclusive, in this size class, allows for low impact shift-on-the-go speed changes between 10.5 kph / 6.5 MPH work range and 16 kph / 10 MPH travel range. Improves load and carry cycle times and travel times between job sites. 
Enhanced Loader Arm and Bucket Control - The hydraulic self leveling (up only) bucket with 3,950 lb / 1792 kg breakout force enhances the productivity of the operator on the job site. The 45° dump and 30° rollback angles of the bucket allow for a faster dump cycle and load retention over rough terrain.