The Patented SnapLocTM Four Wheel Drive System features: With SnapLocTM in down position Superb traction in mud, sand & soft ground. Shifts fulcrum point applying more pressure on longer booms for better ground penetration. More floatation and better traction for crossing furrows or cross-trenching. Maintains effortless straight-line trenching. Eliminates kick-back when hitting rocks or other obstacles. Boom will not "ride up" when digging shallow trenches, or when trenching downhill. Maintains constant depth. Eliminates weight shift for safer loading & unloading on inclines such as ramps and drop gate trailer. With SnapLocTM in up Position Better balance and weight distribution for easy pivoting.


4-Wheel Drive

Direct Hydraulic Drive to Head Shaft
No Belts - No Chains
Lower Center of Gravity
Outboard Support Bearing - Standard
Safety Clutch Stops Wheels and Chain Immediately
Engine continues to run
No micro switches to fail
No need to re-adjust ground speed when resuming operation
Hydraulic Chain Reverse to Dislodge Rocks or Debris
Operator need not leave control position
Finer Degree of Control for Trenching Ground-Speed
Ground speed control lever to ground speed ratio
Forward: 1:1 - Reverse: 2:1
Barreto Tough - Barreto Reliability!

Easy to understand and use control system features a safety clutch that does not kill the engine or require re-adjusting settings to resume operation. The unique manual chain control allows trenching through extra tough soil, roots, or rocks without the need to continually adjust ground speed.  

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V-Twin, 16
Dimensions: "24"-30"-36"
Trench Depth: 4"-6"
Trench width: 60
Boom Travel - Up: 60
Boom Travel - Down
Head Shaft Height Digging Chain: 8"