Barreto 1624-D

The Barreto 1624-D Hydraulic Trencher 

Direct Hydraulic Drive to Head Shaft
No Belts - No Chains 
Lower Center of Gravity 
Outboard Support Bearing - Standard
Safety Clutch Stops Wheels and Chain Immediately 
Engine continues to run 
No need to re-adjust ground speed when resuming operation 
Hydraulic Chain Reverse to Dislodge Rocks or Debris 
Operator need not leave control position 
Finer Degree of Control for Trenching Ground-Speed 
Ground speed control lever to ground speed ratio 
Forward: 1:1 - Reverse: 2:1 
With the hydraulic chain drive motor attached directly to the head shaft, high maintenance chains and belts have been eliminated.
The outboard support bearing is standard, thus protecting the auger shaft from bending due to the impact of rocks and other debris. 

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V-Twin, 16 HP Honda OHV GX390, 13 HP Dimensions: 
Trench Depth 24"-30"-36"
Trench width 4"-6"
Boom Travel - Up 60 
Boom Travel - Down 60 
Head Shaft Height Digging Chain 8" 
Transport Length Front Wheel to Handlebar 83"
Boom to Handlebar 88"
Transport Width 35"
Transport Height 46"
Wheel Base 35"
Trench Center to Outside Left 16"
Trench Center to Outside Right 19" 
13 Station Cup Teeth
Ground Speed 
Forward 180 fpm
Reverse 90 fpm
Digging Chain Speed 260 fpm 
Weight 900 lbs