John Deere 110 TLB
Tractor Loader Backhoe

The 110 TLB is the one that goes where others won't, to do the tough jobs that others don't.

Compact and affordable, the
110 TLB is the most versatile construction-grade backhoe loader in its class.

43-hp, 4-cylinder engine, direct injection diesel engine


John Deere
110 TLB
Tractor Unit
Engine ---
Type Diesel, Direct Injection
Manufacturer/Model Yanmar/TNV88
Gross Eng. HP (kW) @ Rated Speed 43.0 (32.1) @ 2600
Net Eng. HP (kW) @ Rated Speed 41.0 (30.6) @ 2600
PTO Output HP (kW) @ Engine Speed 33.0 (24.6) @ 2600
Hydraulic HP (kW) 30.9 (23.1)
Cylinders 4 Cylinders
Total Displacement, cu. in. (l) 133.6 (2.2)
Fuel consumption, 75% load, gal./hr. 2.0 (7.5)
Restart Auto-bleed
Cold Start Assist Air Preheat Coil
Rated Speed, rpm 2600
Electrical ---
Volts/Alternator 12V/40 Amp Standard, 55 Amp Optional
Battery CCA 650
Alternator Amperes 40 Standard; 55 Optional
Starter Size, HP (kW) 2.7 (2.0)
Hydraulics ---
Type Open Center
Number of Pumps 3
Total Flow, gpm (l/m) 23.6 (89.2)
System Pressure, psi (kPa) 3000 (20,684)
Hydraulic Flow to Loader, gpm (l/m) 12.2 (46.1)
Hydraulic Flow to Backhoe, gpm (l/m) 16.3 (61.5)
Oil Cooler Steel, Thick Core, 190 sq. in. (123,024 sq. mm)
Capacities ---
Fuel Tank, gal. (l) 15.3 (58)
Crankcase with Filter, gal. (l) 1.25 (4.9)
Cooling System, gal. (l) 2.4 (9)
Transmission and Hydraulic System, gal. (l) 15.0 (57)
Transmission Case and Filter, gal. (l) 9.7 (37)
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil HyGard J20C or HyGard J20D Cold Service
Front Axle Gearcase (MFWD axle), gal. (l) 1.3 (4.9)
Bucket Anti-Roll-Back Device Mechanical
Auxiliary Front Hydraulics Optional Factory Installed
Bucket Quik-Coupler Standard
Bucket Mounting Plates Skid Steer Loader
Bucket Mounting Plate Area, sq. in. (m2) 270 (174,193)
Standard Bucket  Inch (mm) 72 (1829)
Anti-Rollback Devise Mechanical
LoadMatch™ load sensing drive system (similar to that used on construction Hydrostatic Drive Crawlers) minimizes stalling and maximizes productivity 

Superb hydraulic horsepower (31 hp) ensures exceptional backhoe and loader performance 

Construction backhoe - modeled directly from John Deere 310 Backhoe Loader; employs custom-designed valves for precise operation and feathering; Power Curve boom design digs deep, even in short trench 

Exclusive '"creep to reposition" vehicle movement from backhoe operator position 

Construction style loader with low-angle boom arms made from high-strength low-alloy steel 

Super versatile with standard skid steer mounting plates that accept skid steer attachments in front, optional auxiliary hydraulic functions, and optional quick coupler for backhoe buckets 

Backhoe detaches quickly allowing use of regular tractor implements requiring 3-PT hitch and rear PTO 

4-Post ROPS (roll over protective structure) and FOPS (falling object protective structure) meets current construction safety standards 

Optional 7th function backhoe hydraulics power popular attachments like breakers and augers; hydraulic "thumb" also available 

Easier to transport than a larger piece of equipment; requires only a heavy-duty pickup and trailer rated 10,000 lb. GVWR (Refer to state and local regulations for specific requirements)