Demco Auto Trailer

Demco Auto Trailer

Standard Features

  • Coupler: 2" ball coupler

  • Chains: Two 36" zinc plated safety chains with "S" hooks. Crisscross method of hook-up is required.

  • Demco pocket style ratchet winch can be released with one hand.

  • Two front winches each with 60" "Silver Shield" galvanized chain and 1/4" clevis hook.

  • Two 60" "Silver Shield" galvanized tie-down chains for storage pockets on rear of trailer (includes mounting hardware).

  • Brake Actuator: Surge brake system varies braking force to respond to loaded or empty trailer operation.
       - Plastic slides reduce internal actuator friction.
       - Straight line movement.
       - Hydraulic damper for smother operation.
       - Breakaway lever with safety cable.

  •  Grounded Jack - Center mounted top wind jack with pivot foot.

  •  Tilted Bed Jack - Demco double action screw jack.

  • Tilted-Bed Latch Secures bed in the down position.

  • Flat Bed Non-Skid Tread: Aluminum extrusions with knurled
    raised ridges for no-skid loading.

  • Tailgate: Three positions for transport keep wind resistance
    to a minimum. Formed raised dimples offer skid-free loading.

  • Full Lighting Package - Marker, clearance, turn signals.

  • Full coverage fenders.

  • Wheels 14" wheels & radial tires. Automotive hubs.

  • Axles - Independent rubber torsion axles permit superb
    shock absorption, load handling and durability.

  • Self-Adjusting Brakes: Eliminate the need for periodic adjustment.

  • Heavy duty floor and tailgate.